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These are the classes I am Certified to teach. It is my honor to be able to hand these tools down to you for your own use in all areas of your life!



All things in the physical world manifest through Sacred Geometry. Sacred patterns and symbols are found in all matter and form the basis of the blocks of creation. Sacred Geometry is an art, a science and a metaphysical series of teachings that help to elevate consciousness and master the process of creation.

In this class you will receive:

-The 3 Keys to Heaven – the energy and theory of the 3 basic geometries

-The connection of Sacred Geometry to the elements of Manifestation

-Receive an energetic attunement of the 3 Keys to Heaven

-Learn to protect your home, office and other spaces from outside negative energies

-Create a holy temple space for meditation, healing and holy work


Practicing the techniques of astral travel assists you in developing your consciousness and becoming more aware of your infinite self. In this class you will learn more about the practice of astral travel, how you can use it for your own growth and learning, and techniques to strengthen your intuition and ability to perceive more of reality.

The Modern Mystery School teachings provide very clear guidelines and an ancient method to safely Astral Travel. You will be introduced to a technique to learn how to safely shift your consciousness beyond the physical body, to become a universal traveler throughout the 7 spiritual dimensions and beyond.

Not only is Astral Travel extremely helpful for direct experience of the nature of our reality, through Astral Travel you’ll come to more deeply recognize the reality of who you are as spiritual being. The art of Astral Travel works because you’re an infinite spiritual being, and you have the ability to shift your awareness and access more of your infinite potential.

In this class you will:

-Be introduced to the ancient lineage techniques of Astral Travel

-Learn exercises you can do to develop your ability to perceive in meditation

-Gain access to information and teachings on the astral plane to develop your consciousness

-Receive a class manual with step by step instructions for this safe and effective Astral Travel technique


Psychic ability, a sixth sense, the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairsentience — there are many names to describe this quality we simply call “spiritual intuition.” Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as “a knowing, without the use of rational processes.”

Everyone has this innate ability in them, and you are using it more often than you realize!

In this workshop, you will learn about the spiritual senses and how to activate them, strengthen them, build your psychic awareness and sensitivity in a safe and comfortable way. You will be handed down tools and techniques that you can practice every day to develop your psychic abilities and consciously work with your intuition every day.


Stress Rescue Retreat is an afternoon that will empower you to gain insight on different areas of your life that may be creating stress and how to develop new strategies to manage and to conquer it.

In a busy world today with always something to do, somewhere to go, bills to pay, jobs to get to, and people to take care of, the pressure and stress begins to add up. Unfortunately, stress can have a significant negative impact on our health and wellbeing.

The Stress Rescue Retreat will give you an opportunity to

-Understand stress and its impact on the brain and body

-Explore different causes of stress within your own life

-Gain insight on how to focus on what you can control

-Explore over half a dozen techniques to help you de-stress

Not only will you learn more about the impact of stress you may be experiencing, but also, you will learn a variety of techniques that will help you de-stress all day.

Take these tools home with you and finally step into a place of creating your life, rather than stressing over it!


In this informative evening class you will learn about the 7 mystery schools of the planet. For thousands of years these schools have remained quiet, and have often become part of legend and story throughout history. Often associated with the occult, there has always been a great deal of mystery surrounding these schools and their practices. Yet in most all of these old stories the people who studied or are associated with these schools have said to have been extraordinary people, displaying a variety of different talents. Many who we have read about in our history books, and have left their mark on the planet. For years these schools have been closed to the public. The teachings only offered to royalty and the extremely gifted, but humanity’s consciousness has been shifting to new heights and now all are ready to receive this information and teachings.

You will discover things like: Their location, each ones different purpose and how they collectively come together for a greater purpose. Their correlation to the body, and much more.

The Modern Mystery School represents one of these. The information and teachings from this lineage have been held extremely holy and has been protected for this moment in time.

All are now ready to receive and put into action these teachings and way of life, bringing about the new world, or Shamballa, a time of true peace, and understanding.

This class offers a more in depth look at these and the information and mystery contained within them.


In this day and age, there are various spiritual paths available for the soul seeker. Should the path be of a proper lineage, it will have its own customs and traditions, all with the ultimate goal of Knowing Thyself or finding Enlightenment.

This is an introductory class for those curious about what the Modern Mystery School is all about. Come experience the essence of this ancient tradition.

Learn about what takes place within the various classes and energy healings along this path so you can make a discerning decision if it is the right fit for you.

Gain deeper insights into the self with the in class guided sanctuary meditation and immerse yourself in the power that comes through with a special ritual ceremony held at the end of class. 


The Sanctuary Meditation is a reliable method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from within. This technique is a simple and effective way to access the higher dimensions of your reality and connect to your spirit and inner wisdom.

In this class you will follow a series of steps that will open and expand the chakras and easily ascend through the dimensions of reality. This method is a foundational practice that can be used daily or as often as needed. For the experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and give you access to an intense sense of connectivity with the spirit and soul knowledge you possess within yourself.

Through this practice you can experience:

-Find your own unique spiritual sanctuary, the safest place to connect to spiritual realms

-Meet your Higher Self (the highest and best version of you)

-Deepen your spiritual connection

-Get clarity and personal insights as you need them

-Receive messages and guidance to guide you through life and your personal journey

With the guided practice led by a certified teacher, you will be able to take this technique home with you so that you can access the wisdom of your Higher Self whenever you need it! With the higher perspective your Higher Self holds, you’ll be able to accelerate your healing, growth and understanding of your life!


A simple, rewarding method for cultivating mental tranquility!

Meditation can bring you peace from the chaos and gain true mind control. These cluttered thoughts are stopping you from living your best life.

The Max Meditation System™ was developed by Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnason after travelling the world for the last 35 years exploring the phenomena of the mind. A complementary blend of ancient methods learned from prominent teachers in India and Tibet, this system is designed to truly teach you how to get the most out of your meditation practice.

Join us for a fusion of ancient techniques of yoga and mind acrobatics, mixed with modern techniques of psychology and NLP, making this the most effective system to reduce your stress and pain, enhance your energy, vitality, well being and so much more.

Meditation is universally acknowledged for its many health benefits. The Max Meditation System™ builds on those benefits by:

-Working with a trained practitioner who will guide you through the process with ease

-Deepening your relaxation through a process designed to soothe your mind

-Addressing the physical, mental, and emotional components of your mental restlessness

-Enhancing spiritual insight and connection by reducing the negative thoughts in your head

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