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4 Tips to stay in the Light during tough times!

by Aleksandra Ceho

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu It's been a tough ride for a lot of people, so to keep the light flowing, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to keep your light alive in hard times! One of the most beautiful things about magick is...

Leading with Love: Wielding the inner force

by Christina Becerra

Love… movies, media and society all have their opinions about it. What love should look like, what we should be aiming for- #relationshipsgoals. Romantic comedies paint an illusion that love is an emotion that you feel for another person. The Mystery School tradition and thousands of years of ancient lineage teachings define love as a force.

Enhancing Health and Vitality with Chi

by Theresa Bullard, P.H.D.

Would you like a simple way of increasing your vitality and health? The key rests in cultivating an internal life-force energy called ‘Chi’. We are all born with this life force energy, if you observe children they are energetic, active, and expressive because they have an immense resource and connection to their life force energy. As we get older our...

The Magick of Manifestation


by Ipsissimus Dave “Thor” Lanyon

Ah, Manifestation… making one’s dreams come true! Something we all desire. Something we all want, yet something that can be so elusive to so many.

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